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Veteran‑owned business getting break with new law | News

Continuing from a previous edition of the Leader-News, these are laws that were passed by the Texas House and Senate that are slated to come into effect soon.

SB 855 — amends the Business & Commerce Code to require an owner or operator of a website or online service that deals in substantial part in the electronic dissemination of third‑party commercial recordings or audiovisual works and electronically disseminates those recordings or works to Texas consumers to disclose on the website or online service the owner or operator’s true and correct name and contact information.

The bill authorizes an owner, assignee, authorized agent, or exclusive licensee of a recording or work that is electronically disseminated in violation of the bill’s provisions to bring a private cause of action to obtain a declaratory judgment and permanent or temporary injunctive relief, but only after giving the violator notice and an opportunity to cure the violation.

The bill classifies a violation of the bill’s provisions as a false, misleading or deceptive act or practice.

SB 911 — amends the Alcoholic Beverage Code, Business & Commerce Code, and Local Government Code to regulate third-party food delivery services.

The bill, among other provisions, makes a restaurant that holds certain alcoholic beverage permits or licenses eligible for a food and beverage certificate.

The bill requires such a delivery service to provide a mechanism for consumer concerns and complaints and authorizes a restaurant to bring an action against a delivery service under certain conditions.

The bill prohibits a municipality or county from adopting or enforcing an ordinance or regulation to the extent that the ordinance or regulation affects the required terms of an agreement between a delivery service and a restaurant. 

SB 938 – amends the Business Organizations Code and Tax Code to establish a temporary filing fee waiver and franchise tax exemption for a new veteran‑owned business for an initial period of operation.

SB 1132 – amends the Occupations Code to authorize the consumer credit commissioner or the commissioner’s representative to examine each place of business of each dealer of crafted precious metal and investigate the dealer’s transactions and records to the extent the transactions and records pertain to the business of the sale of crafted precious metal.

A dealer must give the commissioner or the commissioner’s representative free access to the dealer’s office, place of business, files, safes and vaults and allow the commissioner or the representative to make a copy of an item that may be investigated.

The bill requires the commissioner or the representative to examine at least 10 dealers each calendar year. These provisions take effect Jan. 1, 2022, and do not apply to a jewelry store.

SB 1280 — amends The Securities Act, Government Code, to remove the following from the list of provisions a violation of which makes a person offering or selling a security liable to a person buying the security.

SB 1449 — amends the Tax Code to increase the taxable value threshold below which income‑producing tangible personal property held is entitled to a property tax exemption from $500 to $2,500.

SB 1524 — amends the tax code to establish a sales and use tax refund pilot program for certain persons who employ at least one apprentice in a qualified apprenticeship for at least seven months during the calendar year.

Up next edition: Laws taking effect Jan. 18.

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