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Tesla Wins Court Case Against Chinese Owner Claiming Sudden Acceleration

Tesla won a lawsuit against the Chinese owner of a Model 3, who spread false information about an incident for over a year, Twitter user Ray4Tesla reports.

“LITIGATION WIN 4 TESLA CN according to the court ruling on 9/20.
@Teslacn filed a lawsuit in July against the Model 3 owner for deliberately twisting the truth about his accident. Now he is fined 50k CNY & ordered to apologize to the plaintiff within 10 days for at least 90 days on SM.

“Last Aug, a Model 3 crashed at high speed in Wenzhou, China and driver was seriously injured. After investigation, the driver was found to be fully responsible. However, the driver has since blamed the malfunction of his Tesla causing the accident & spreads all kinds of baseless claims,” Ray wrote on his Twitter account.

Ray4Tesla is a respectable Tesla news source. According to him, the Model 3 owner is also ordered to submit his apology statement to the court for review & approval prior to posting it on Chinese social media.

Ray also says that the court document also reveals right after the accident the Model 3 owner admitted during the police investigation that he pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. EDR & mechanic check also confirm his admission according to 3rd party investigation. He changed his story later.

People are commenting on this subject under the Tesmanian’s coverage of the story and say things like stepping on the wrong pedal is very common, the US alone has 16,000 reported cases per year. Unreported cases probably more than 90,000. In many cases, there was no damage or very minor damage.

Another person says maybe we need to change the UX, the user experience. If you think about it, having the accelerator and the brakes right next to each other, controlled by your feet, and since they’re not visible to you, you can’t distinguish the difference between the two until you’ve pressed them. And the fact that the brake is on the left and acceleration on the right is an arbitrary choice, so your brain has no way to logically choose which to press in an emergency.


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