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President Biden Reacts to Arbery Verdicts

Defense attorneys plan to appeal

The defense attorneys representing Travis McMichaels said they plan to appeal today’s verdict.

The jury found McMichaels guilty on all nine accounts, including malice murder. Attorney Robert Rubin described McMichael as “stoic” when the guilty verdicts were read. He faces life in prison.

Rubin added that they believed the video of the shooting showed their client acted in self-defense but admits they may have “had tunnel vision.”

Attorney Jason Sheffield said he was “disappointed in the verdict and that his client “honestly believed what they were doing was the right thing to do.”

They added that they honor the jury trial system and understand the family of Ahmaud Arbery “feel they’ve gotten justice.”

Greg McMichael’s attorney, Laura Hogue, said she was “floored with a capital ‘F'” when the guilty verdicts were read in court, according to pool reports.

She and Kevin Gough, the attorney for William Bryan, also plan to file for appeals next week.

FULL STORY: Defense Attorneys in Arbery Trial Announce Plans to Appeal

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