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Placing Papers: The Literary Archives Market

In this webinar recording, Amy Chen will covers the findings and methodology of her forthcoming University of Massachusetts Press June 2020 book, Placing Papers: The Literary Archives Market. Learn how Chen transformed her study of writers’ papers from a dissertation focused on the collections found at one repository to a monograph that uses data to describe the postwar collecting across the United States. Don’t worry — data isn’t dry. The book is full of gossip and intrigue and so is this talk. By centering the middlemen (yes, they are mostly men), the literary agents and book dealers and archivists, you’ll see that what you find when you study an under-documented and under-appreciated market. And, if you are more interested in learning how to do data-driven methods yourself, Chen will cover the basics on how to get started so you can take your project from close analysis to the bigger picture.

This video recording has edited subtitles in English and Spanish.

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