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Litigation Department of the Year, Labor and Employment: Jones Day

What are some of the department’s most satisfying successes of the past year and why? Our goal is always to conclude litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible in a way that protects our clients’ businesses and avoids future litigation. Our most satisfying successes involve rulings that accomplish those goals and allow our clients to meet their business needs. We were fortunate enough to have many rulings this year that protected our clients’ business operations, including a ruling validating an employer’s arbitration program, another agreeing with one employer’s decision to classify certain employees as exempt, and another opinion protecting the ability of employers to use video platforms for interviewing without opening themselves up to liability around the world.

A prospective client in crisis calls and asks why your team should be retained. What is your answer? We handle employers’ most complex, high-stakes legal matters, and assisting our clients through those challenges is the bread and butter of our practice. We are able to provide this kind of support because we have lawyers around the world who have experience in a broad range of labor and employment matters and we operate as a seamless collaborative entity, quickly and efficiently assembling just the right resources for our clients. With respect to crisis situations, on very short notice, we can assemble formidable legal talent, across jurisdictions and disciplines, with experience and a track record of success handling the very issue the client is confronting. Our level of global integration, coupled with our lawyers’ deep experience handling clients’ most difficult problems, makes us uniquely situated to efficiently and effectively handle any crisis.

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