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Life Estate – Explained

What is a life estate interest in real property? It further introduces the concept of a reversion interest and a remainder interest.

Visit for all of the content from Chapter 8 of The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business by Jason Mance Gordon. The content includes:

Property Law (Intro)

What is property? Tangible and Intangible property? Real and Personal Property? Fixtures? What is ownership? Role of Government in ownership of property? Role of property rights in economic activity? What are the limitations on property ownership rights? What is nuisance? What is Zoning? What is Eminent Domain? What is Property Taxation?

Acquiring Ownership in Property Accession? Rule of First Possession? Lost or Mislaid Items? Adverse Possession? Contracts? Gift? Confusion?

Types, Transfer, and Ownership of Real Estate Establishing and transferring ownership in real property? What is a fee simple interest in real property? What is a life estate in real property? What is a leasehold estate in real property? What are common types of co-ownership relationships in real property? Community Property and Separate Marital Property? What is an easement interest in real property? What is a license of real or personal property?

Bailments What is a bailment? What are the rights and duties in unilateral-benefit and mutual benefit bailments?

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