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Top 5 Things to do after an accident

5 Star Attorney Rebecca Greenberg in Westchester County New York gives important information on what to do and what not to do after you have been in an accident. Visit or call (914) 694-1880 for information or a FREE consultation.

I’ve Just Been in a Car Accident–What Should I Do?
by Rebecca Greenberg,

You were waiting in the stoplight. Your mind was elsewhere. Dinner? What time were the kids getting home from school? Have you taken care of those bills? Have forgotten to call your buddy about that golf date or bridge date, or whatever calendar scheduling event was on the immediate horizon.

Bang! From out of nowhere you feel an enormous impact and in an infinitesimal space of time, you are knocked about in your car seat. Hopefully, you were seat belted. But, you’re stunned, and for a brief few moments cannot even comprehend what’s happened. Then you realize. You’ve been in a car accident. What do you do now?

1. Make a brief conscious assessment of your physical condition. Are you injured in any way? Do you feel pain anywhere? And, remember the shock of the event can mask to some extent the severity of your injury. What may seem in the immediate aftermath as of minimal concern should be taken seriously. You simply cannot know in the immediate outset what your injuries really could be. Perhaps there were passengers in your car?. Consider their situation. Were they hurt or injured in any way that you can see?

2. If you are able, leave your vehicle and immediately call 911 for police assistance. If necessary, also do not hesitate to ask the 911 operator for an ambulance. Only after you have made contact with police and or medical authorities, should you then take the next steps in what you should do after a car accident.

3. Call your husband or your wife, or your best friend, or anyone who you can contact who is not at the accident and have them be aware of what happened. Maybe you want them to come to the scene itself and help you?

4. Have contact with the operator of the vehicle or vehicles that were also involved in the same accident. You will need to know who they are, their addresses, their phone numbers, the identity of their car insurance companies along with the policy numbers for the car insurance policies. Of course, these steps can only be taken if you are physically able to do so. If your injuries are too severe to allow you to make this inquiry, you should wait for the police and medical personnel to arrive before doing anything further about the accident.

But, if your injuries do not prevent, you should use your smartphone video and photograph capability to document the damage or damages to the vehicles that were involved in the accident. This information will definitely help your attorneys if you decide to file a civil lawsuit for recovery of money damages to compensate you for the injuries you may have sustained.

Those photographs you take with your smartphone can also be used to document the location of the vehicles relative to each other, as they came to rest following the accident. Once again, this information could be critical for your lawyers in proving your entitlement to a recovery in any civil litigation they start to help you in your case.

5. If you have the presence of mine, think about witnesses. Were their witnesses to the accident? Do you see people in the roadway looking at the site of the collision? Can you get their names and addresses, and particularly their telephone numbers? Their memories may be very helpful if your case becomes a courtroom matter.

You could be interviewed by the police or by ambulance personnel. Try and tell the police exactly what happened, that is your best memory. If you have been hurt, tell the police that as well and describe for medical personnel what injuries you feel you may have suffered and what part of your body. Try not to leave anything out if you can. What you do not say at the time of this interview can be used by insurance defense attorneys to minimize your injuries.

Of course, this is a brief “thumbnail” sketch of a general approach you should follow after the trauma of an accident. Obviously, some of these steps you may not be able to follow because of your injuries or because of the relatively dangerous location where the accident happened – such as on a busy throughway, etc., or for some other reason that would only appear at the time of the events.

But, one thing is certain.

You must make an effort to work through the shock of the accident and think as best you can about what you might do right there at the scene that could help you if you have to hire a lawyer to represent you in a legal case.

Rebecca Foley Greenberg

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She also has a focus in the area cannabis law, consulting clients in the areas of liability exposure and state and local compliance. She is an advocate of drug policy reform at the state and federal level. She is currently on the Board of Trustees for the Washington Heights Corner Project. She has written and lectured on the constitutionality of Internal Revenue Code 280E, medical malpractice liability exposure for recommending cannabis in New York State and implementing medical cannabis in primary health care.

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