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What’s going on my Good People, it’s your soon to be Boy, the friendly Internet Attorney and World’s Greatest Detective the one and only JJTP.

On this channel, I’m dropping my very first Youtube video so Allow me to introduce myself to introduce the channel which will be your go to place for news about the Law, Business, Politics, and so much more and how it effects our lives as millennial and yes Gen X and Zoomers you are welcome to. In fact, everyone is welcome to partake in what will be the Greatest Show on Earth.

Don’t worry this won’t be hard right or left. I am hear to sent facts right down the middle to keep you informed and entertained. It will be light, hopefully full of humor but also full of information you need to make good decisions so you can live your best life.

I will try to hit trending topics and give you the real facts and laws so you you don’t have to take my word you can do your own research if you want.

Topics I have in preproduction include:
and so much more.

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A little about me I’m a lawyer, a former judge, law professor, investment banker, consultant, startup co-founder and so much more we can talk about later. (All will be revealed in time so subscribe). I travel, 69 countries as of September 2021, and will have a travel channel and blog soon too. (@ DiploJ Cheap plug but watch out)

I hope you will join me on this journey to add a my next title: youtuber. Hit the like, sub, and bell buttons so I will see you in the first episode, coming very soon. Judge JJTP Justice will be served.


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