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How to apply for Paid Family Leave in California

Are you an expecting mother applying for maternity leave in California!, then you have come to the right place. In this video, I will explain in depth all the documentation that you need and documents you need to be prepared for.

As of 2019, California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island provide Paid Family Leave benefit.

For California this is 8 weeks (this was 6 weeks until JUN2020) which can be used within first 1 year of baby’s birth.

This can be used for taking care of new baby either by adoption, childbirth or foster care, as well as to take care of ill family members such as child, spouse, grandchildren, grandparents, in-laws and more.

This is a state-level paid leave and is not job-protected.

The employer needs to have more than 50 employees to qualify for these types of leave.

Also note the policies are always changing so keep track of the updated information at the time of your application.

This leave provides for 60-70% of the pay.

You will receive a copy of this form after the birth of the baby.

You can also use vacation for this leave.

Also check with your employer as they may ask you to use your leave before this benefit begins.

You can use the same BPO portal that was used to complete the State Disability Insurance.

Read more on the EDD.CA.GOV.

Disclaimer: Always speak with your employer on what is provided by your company and its policies, this video is created only with an intention to give a rough sketch of things/documents that you should expect to prepare or submit. Documents and their types will vary based on the state and company policies.


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