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FAQs for Tenant Rights

Tenant Lawyer, Eric Castelblanco, talks about what the most frequently asked questions that tenants may have. Find out what makes an apartment uninhabitable, how often your landlord can raise the rent, and more!

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NO ONE deserves to live in an apartment complex that is hazardous and unsanitary. If you or someone you know may be living in a rental property under these poor conditions, please give us a call. We are here to help you out.

Here at Castelblanco Law Group, we represent ONLY tenants, NEVER landlords!
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Eric Castelblanco is one of the top California attorneys protecting tenant rights. He is the Founder of the Castelblanco Law Group, APLC. This Los Angeles, California based law firm concentrates its practice exclusively in the area of Housing law, particularly representing tenants that live in substandard living conditions.

Eric Castelblanco has obtained millions of dollars in total settlements for his clients in the last 10 years in the fight to secure tenant rights.
Since founding his firm in 1995, Eric Castelblanco has represented thousands of tenants living in medium–to-large residential multi-family apartment complexes in the greater Los Angeles area in actions filed against landlords for a variety of grievances related to unsanitary, unhealthful or unsafe conditions (e.g. rodent infestation, cockroach, bed bug infestations, raw sewage overflow, leaky ceilings, broken windows, old carpeting, no hot water and abuse from management). Mr. Castelblanco has been successful in securing for his clients numerous multi-million dollar awards from irresponsible landlords.

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