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Attorney Norma Nava describes the field of real estate law. Learn more about fields of law:

Ottawa County Probate Court Overview

Darren Findling of The Probate Pro provides a detailed overview of the Ottawa County Probate Court including where to park, information on the Ottawa County Probate Court website, judges' background and filing statistics. (833) PROBATE…

Rules of Intestacy

Subscribe for weekly legal videos and visit us at for more LawShelf resources! LawShelf is a project of National Paralegal College Contrary to the implications of the…

Creating a Living Will

When a person turns 18, they can register to vote, play the lottery, and make sure they have a will in place. We continued Consumer Week with family law attorney Jennifer Guidmond-Quigley to chat about wills, particularly living wills and…

Life Estate tutorial for real estate exam

What is a life estate? Make sure you understand this important financial planning strategy and be fully prepared for the the real estate exam Instagram: Facebook:…