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Business Law I: Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce – L2- Professor Sharma

Business Law I: Professor Sharma
Lecture #1, Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce
Date: September 19, 2015

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Time Stamps:
0:26 Constitution of the United States of America
1:58 Constitution of the United States of America (cont.)
3:04 Supremacy Clause
4:28 Supremacy Clause (cont.)
5:36 Case 4.1: Supremacy Clause
9:21 Commerce Clause
11:05 Foreign and Interstate Commerce
13:42 Dormant Commerce Clause
15:06 E-Commerce and the Constitution
15:54 Bill of Rights and Other Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
17:13 Freedom of Speech
18:24 Freedom of Speech (cont.)
19:16 Case 4.2: U.S. Supreme Court Free Speech and Violent Video Games
24:20 Case 4.3: Free Speech
27:05 Case 4.4: Free Speech
28:30 Freedom of Religion
29:21 Case 4.5: Freedom of Religion
32:21 Equal Protection
33:07 Standards of Review
35:48 Standards of Review (cont.)
38:03 Case 4.6: Equality
39:41 Case 4.7: Equal Protection Clause
41:36 Due Process
42:34 Due Process (cont.)
46:20 Privileges and Immunities
47:06 Privileges and Immunities (cont.)

Summary of Lecture:
In this lecture, Professor Sharma discusses the importance of the concept of federalism and the doctrine of separation of powers, the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution, the federal government’s authority to regulate interstate commerce and foreign commerce, how the freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, and the press are protected by the First Amendment, how commercial speech may be limited, and the doctrines of equal protection and due process.

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