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Bremerton to elect first new judge in decades

Voters in Bremerton will be electing a new judge to preside over its municipal court, the second elected judge in the city’s history.

Attorneys Tracy Flood and Tom Weaver are vying for the spot, touting themselves as the best choice to replace Judge James Docter, Bremerton’s first elected judge.

Docter, who started as judge in 1998 and this year declined to run for reelection, was elected after the Legislature in 1993 required cities to elect full-time judges rather than appoint them. The salary for the Bremerton Municipal Court judge is $174,000.

Bremerton Municipal Court handles misdemeanors and infractions issued inside the city limits, ranging from disputes over parking tickets up to drunken driving and misdemeanor domestic violence assault. It is similar to Kitsap District Court, which handles misdemeanors and infractions committed in unincorporated areas of the county. Superior Court handles felonies.

Tracy Flood 

Age: 52 

Occupation: Pro Tem Judge King County and Owner of The Law Office of Tracy S. Flood, INC PS 

Tracy Flood

Q: List one thing you will change about how Bremerton Municipal Court currently operates and how that change will benefit the people of Bremerton. Please be specific.

A: Our courts are underfunded. As the next Bremerton Municipal Court Judge being an experienced grant writer would be an asset to help with bringing in behavioral court/therapeutic courts options and remaining fiscally responsible to our Bremerton Community. Using zoom for hearings has been implemented because of COVID, I would continue to utilize zoom for hearings and explore night court and traffic court and begin a street law program. My work with law enforcement across Kitsap County and working in several courts around the state over the last 14 years implementing traffic school options that is efficient and effective is a possible change. These programs will reduce the revolving door that currently exists on Bremerton, decrease legal financial obligations and be more fiscally sound while increasing access to justice. Taking an inventory of what is working and what is not working and keeping statistics to ensure Justice for All. 


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