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The 5 Star Website Development Service

The 5 Star Website Development Service

We help attorneys identify their clear goals and target high-value cases.

Our 5 star web design and development team offers services created specifically for the legal industry.  We start with the end.  In the end, what is your goal?  Is it to generate leads in a specific legal specialty? To build your brand. Or both?  Do you want to grow your personal caseload or grow your practice to multiple associates and locations?  How much longer do you want to maintain a full personal caseload?  How much longer do you want to practice altogether?   With answers to questions such as these, we can create a plan that includes the right tools to get you where you want to be.

The web solutions we create are focused on usability and responsive design.  We offer creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business, and custom programming for ideas that go beyond.

The 5 Star Website Development Service

  • Responsive and professional design
  • Great functionality
  • Responsive for All Devices
  • User Friendly
  • Contact Forms, Maps, Sliders, Social Media, Newsletter, etc…
  • Security, SSL certificates
  • Site and data ownership
  • Hassle-free ongoing updates and management options
  • and much more…

Have you been looking for the best way to maximize and expand your caseload?

Your website is your most important tool for getting leads to convert into clients.  Your website establishes your firm’s brand and tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and why they should pay for your services instead of one of your competitors. We create a legal website strategy that takes into account your clients’ Personas and the Customer Journey. The goal is to convert your website visitors into new clients with engaging and persuasive content.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large, multi-national firm or a solo practitioner – The 5 Star Website Development Service is the right solution for you.

Features of our legal website design service include:

  • Secure Attorney Website
  • SSL Certificate Installed
  • Legal Leads Funnel
  • Mobile and Tablet Versions Included
  • Responsive Design
  • Automation and Workflow Setup
  • Appointment Booking Feature
  • Automated Follow-up E-mail
  • Email Campaign
  • Blog Creation
  • Vlog (Video Blog) Creation
  • Logo Creation
  • Live Chat funnel
  • Content upload
  • SEO Friendly Content Creation with NO Plagiarism
  • Automations for E-mail follow up
  • Facebook Legal Ads Campaign Setup
  • Google Listing
  • Quality Graphical Content
  • 4K HD Ultra Stock Images
  • Application of Client Provided Images
  • 30 days Management
  • Provide Competitive Domain or Connect Your Domain
  • Hosting Service

Why us:

  • Effective Service
  • Constant Communication
  • 100% Satisfaction

Law Firm Websites are available with a variety of configurations and optional features.

Regardless of your firm’s practice area, be it family law, personal injury law, criminal defense law, etc. it’s important your legal website puts its best foot forward online, to attract quality cases to your business.

Following is an example of a standard law firm website:

  1. Website development
  2. Stock Images and application of client-provided images.
  3. Navigation on each page
  4. Home page
  5. About/Profile page
  6. Law Type 1 Page
  7. Law Type 2 Page
  8. Law Type 3 Page
  9. Law Type 4 Page
  10. Law Type 5 Page
  11. Law Type 6 Page
  12. Law Type 7 Page
  13. Law Type 8 Page
  14. Law Type 9 Page
  15. Law Type 10 Page
  16. Testimonials/Other Page
  17. Blog page
  18. Contact Us Page (Includes Reply Form)
  19. Privacy Policy Page
  20. Misc/Other Page
  21. Site Map Page
  22. Hosting
  23. UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  24. 35GB Storage
  25. Connect Your Domain
  26. Google listing and SEO
  27. Admin user training

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Matching Social Media Pages: Facebook, Linkedin, …
  • Google My Business
  • Content options include articles from your existing site, publicly available data, and original SEO Friendly Content Creation with NO Plagiarism.
  • Custom design and programming

Example websites:

Legal websites, like most things, come in all shapes and sizes.  The overall website user experience and visual design can be very different depending on your desired end goals.  For a law firm website we may recommend one style and for a lead generation site, something entirely different.  Please see the following variety of legal site examples that show different layouts, navigation, and image usage that may be mixed or customized in a finished site.  If the desired style is not represented, just reply with a link to an example site so we can reply with what can be done.

Law Firm Site Examples

The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Law Firm Website - Smith & Owens


The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Injury Law Firm Website - Strategic Legal


The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Business Law Firm Website - Knoll & Walters


The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Criminal Law Firm Website - Parker & Brown


The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Business Law Firm Website - Brandt & Matthewson


The 5 Star Website Development Service - Example Law Firm Website - Kant & Rider 


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