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Best Attorney Marketing Program: The 5 Star Jurisprudentiae Doctorem Pro Populo (JD) Campaign

Best Attorney Marketing Program:

The 5 Star Jurisprudentiae Doctorem
Pro Populo (JD) Attorney Marketing Campaign

After getting business cards and a website, The 5 star JD should be your firm’s top attorney marketing, caseload maintenance, and growth priority. Cost-effective video, blog, website, and SEO are used to provide the best law firm marketing solutions.

Historically, attorneys have had few choices for attracting new clients. Networking has always been productive and time-consuming and has changed drastically over the past 5 years alone. The Yellow Pages were always an expensive competition for covers and full-page ads. They still exist but the majority of adults today have never used them. Newspapers have mostly disappeared and TV ads have their place in the right conditions but again, the majority spend their time elsewhere.

To most effectively build their law firm’s brand, attorneys have been required to pay to produce cable and over-the-air law firm ads and again pay each time they aired on television in their market.  The law firm would only benefit for as long as they kept paying for the commercials to run. As soon as they stopped paying to run the ads, the attorney started to fade from the memory of the public.  A never-ending cycle of pay or fade away. Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in marketing that would accumulate relevance and build your law firm’s brand recognition and credibility over time?  Without the need to pay and produce marketing on an endless treadmill of marketing?

Technology continues to develop exponentially and society rapidly changes its preferences for sourcing news, entertainment, and social interaction. If you want to ensure the continuance of your practice, it’s necessary to adopt attorney marketing methodologies for getting attention, establishing credibility, and gaining consumer mindshare for your legal services.

The 5 Star Attorney Badge

The 5 Star JD Campaign

The 5 Star Jurisprudentiae Doctorem Pro Populo (JD) Campaign is an attorney marketing program that enables attorneys to share their knowledge of the law with the public.  It is both a blog and video marketing for law firms that provides attorneys with a strategy and production team to create specific, topical, and manageable text blogs and video segments. The 5 Star team then distributes and promotes them across multiple media channels to drive case leads to the attorney.  All of this is done with minimal effort, time, and money spent on behalf of the attorney.

How does it work?

We know how difficult it is to carve time out of your schedule to write an article or a blog post. To do it every week to maintain a Blog is almost impossible for most attorneys.  The five-star attorney helps you to not only do this consistently but to make sure that it doesn’t intrude on your practice and that it actually gets done.


The 5 Star JD Campaign is only available to one client per type of law in an area.  For example, you can be the only 5 Star Personal Injury Lawyer, 5 Star Family Law Attorney, 5 Star Bankruptcy Law Firm, or even the 5 Star Wrongful Death Attorney, or another legal specialty for your county or state.   When we have a client with an active campaign, that area is not available for that type of legal lead until the current campaign has been completed.

The 5 Star JD Campaign is the most strategic and economical way for attorneys to market and brand themselves.


To make it all happen, we ask that you commit to working with us to produce one article per week. We’re not looking for a finished article from you but at least an outline. You don’t need to worry about spelling, phrasing, grammar, or anything. It should take no more than thirty minutes to an hour of your time.  The 5 Star team will, in turn, create a full blog post, research it for unintentional plagiarism, and optimize it for search algorithms.

If you are not able to take the time to produce an article per week, as an additional service, our writers can produce a draft of an article based on your legal specialty and the proper legal SEO.  Upon your review, adjustments, and approval, we will then post your article to with a call-to-action reply form and valuable backlinks to your website.

The 5 Star Attorney JD video production program
A 5 Atar Attorney videographer will meet with you to record at your office and other locations.

After posting the written blog article we will schedule a time for a video interview where we will ask you questions about the article.

This can be done in your office or other locations as the variety can be beneficial to communicating the topic and establishing your persona and usually takes no more than an hour.  The 5 Star team will then edit the video and submit it to you for approval prior to posting it to the 5 Star Attorney sites, YouTube, and other social media channels.

Optimized To Produce

While many websites and blogs may be targeting the same types of leads whether they know it or not, most suffer from conflicts with search engine algorithm criteria from plagiarism, keyword, and other violations that drastically reduce their ranking and production. The five-star attorney will perform search engine optimization and promotion to push both the written text blog as well as the video blog.

Production Guarantee

To make sure that you get results, your attorney marketing campaign will include a Guarantee that The 5 Star JD Campaign will produce an average of four text and video blog posts per month.  You will also receive all leads generated from our sites by your campaign in your specified geographic area.  Should a campaign not deliver the guaranteed minimums, the campaign will be extended until it is fulfilled.

Rate and Term

While most marketing firms will tell you that an attorney marketing campaign must run for at least six months to a year to see results, we can assure you that you will see beneficial results within our minimum three-month term. Your campaign rate will be based on the targeted market and a minimum run of twelve weeks.

For more information about The 5 Star JD Campaign and availability, and our other attorney marketing programs, email

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