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The 5 Star Dedicated Lead Generation Campaign

The 5 Star Dedicated Lead Generation Campaign

An exclusive marketing campaign targeting your preferred case type with a minimum guarantee.

The 5 Star Dedicated Lead Generation Campaign service gives you all the results of a dedicated marketing campaign, customized to produce prospective client leads in the geographic area you’re targeting.

How does it work?

While many websites may be targeting the same types of leads whether they know it or not, most suffer from conflicts with search engine algorithm criteria from plagiarism, keyword, and other violations that drastically reduce their ranking and production.

The 5 Star Dedicated Lead Generation Campaign
Sites created for Dedicated Lead Generation Campaigns.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy involves a wide range of actions for both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. We start by

managing your website’s content and contextual organization then we move to offsite factors associated with your website. Careful testing and analysis of these factors determine the next step to take to keep your site ranking high on Google and other search engines.

Marketing Channels

Campaigns may include one or more of our URLs as well as a combination of Google, Facebook, social media, and other marketing channels as needed, to generate the desired results.


You will receive all leads generated by your campaign in your specified geographic area. Considering the track records of our campaigns we also include a lead generation volume forecast with each campaign to give you a conservative estimate of what you can expect to receive.

Minimum Guarantee

To make sure that you get results, your campaign will include a Guarantee for the minimum number of leads you will receive.  As we use formulas based on the historic results of our marketing channels to determine the lead generation volume forecast for each campaign, we are also able to provide a Minimum Lead Volume Guarantee that will be delivered. Should a campaign not deliver the guaranteed minimum number of leads, the campaign will be extended until it is delivered.


Our Dedicated Lead Generation Campaigns are only available to one client per type of lead in an area.  When we have a client with an active campaign, that area is not available for that type of lead until the current campaign has been completed.

Rate and Term

Your campaign rate will be based on the targeted market and a minimum run of four weeks.  Due to the economic benefits of volume and building marketing momentum over time, a lower average investment amount may be made for longer campaigns without a reduction in the average lead generation forecast.


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