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Be A 5 Star Attorney

The Five 5 Star Attorney programs were formed from many custom development and marketing campaigns with our attorney clients over the years. If you are an attorney that may be qualified and interested in participating as a 5 Star Attorney, please explore the programs detailed below and contact us for more information and availability.

The 5 Star Attorney 2022The 5 Star Jurisprudentiae Doctorem Pro Populo (JD) Campaign

After getting business cards and a website, The 5 star JD should be your firm’s top caseload maintenance and growth priority.  Cost-effective video, blog, website, and SEO are used to provide the best law firm marketing solutions.

The 5 Star Dedicated Lead Generation Campaign

This campaign gives you all the results of a dedicated marketing campaign, customized to produce the type of prospective client leads you want to work with, in the geographic area you’re targeting.

The 5 Star Google Local Pack Campaign

Your competitors won’t know what hit them when you dominate the Google Local Pack. Yes, You Can Dominate Local SEO.

The 5 Star SEO Campaign

Our team of former Google programmers and SEO masters puts their skills to work on your site to improve and maintain your search engine rank over the long term.

The 5 Star Website Development Service

Law firm websites that put your best foot forward online to attract quality customers to your business.

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